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Crypto currency in Pakistan
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Crypto currency in Pakistan

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* These Prices are for Informative purpose Only. BTCPK follows prohibition rules as set by STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN via Circular No. 03 of 2018.

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Cryptocurrency arrow_drop_down Price 24h % Change 24h Low 24h High
1 Vollar price in Pakistan. Vollar PKRs22,221,546,331.11 -1.99% PKRs132,011,651.65 PKRs141,104,594.59
2 Decentralized Universal Basic Income price in Pakistan. Decentralized Universal Basic Income PKRs50,771,634.00 -5.88% PKRs287,927.00 PKRs314,136.00
3 Unisocks price in Pakistan. Unisocks PKRs23,882,174.86 -5.94% PKRs135,526.88 PKRs147,863.43
4 Robonomics Web Services price in Pakistan. Robonomics Web Services PKRs19,992,915.82 -5.93% PKRs113,444.01 PKRs123,770.42
5 0.5X Long Dogecoin Token price in Pakistan. 0.5X Long Dogecoin Token PKRs19,376,640.00 0.00% PKRs111,360.00 PKRs111,360.00
6 0.5X Long Matic Token price in Pakistan. 0.5X Long Matic Token PKRs16,454,310.00 -3.20% PKRs94,565.00 PKRs97,695.00
7 0.5X Long BNB Token price in Pakistan. 0.5X Long BNB Token PKRs7,630,770.00 0.00% PKRs43,855.00 PKRs43,855.00
8 0.5X Long Cardano Token price in Pakistan. 0.5X Long Cardano Token PKRs7,388,910.00 -3.02% PKRs42,465.00 PKRs43,787.50
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